ARENA Training Simplified

ARENA Enables

  • Clubs, Gyms, Studios, Rehab, and Teams
  • Advanced Isotonic Training Anywhere
  • Space and Cost Efficiencies
  • Custom Digital Experiences
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The ARENA Platform

  • 10-200 lbs of motorized constant resistance
  • Weighs 55 lbs, dimensions 36"x23.5"x9.5"
  • Customized content and digital experience
  • Group Pricing and Commercial Care available
  • Made in the USA
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ARENA Dont be tied down
ARENA Dont be tied down

See it in your space using AR

Smaller than a yoga mat and replaces a gym full of weights.

A Solution for Everyone

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Consistent training courtside, in facilities, and on the road


Precision control over resistance and long-term data tracking

Group Fitness

Enable seamless, unique and efficient experiences

Personal Training

Keep clients on-track with quantified strength data

Gym & Studios
Save space and cut cost with one piece of equipment

Sleek design for rooms and community spaces alike

ARENA Offerings


ARENA commercial platform

Group purchasing plans and discounts for orders over 5 platforms. For more information on large or international orders please contact sales.


Anyone with the free Go ARENA mobile app can use an ARENA Platform. Simply instruct your clients to download the app, or keep a tablet or mobile device nearby for guests to use.


We offer custom travel cases to protect your equipment on the road and custom storage design services for commercial facilities to align your "look and feel" with ours.

Commercial care

We offer dedicated customer service, repairs, and maintenance in addition to an extended manufacturer's warranty to keep hardware fresh. Contact sales to learn more.


We want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Our team will train your staff on how to best use and maintain the equipment in any environment.


Client management

For teams, military, and healthcare customers, our team can help connect our strength data with your client management software. Get the data and insights you need to take your athletes to the next level. Contact sales to learn more.


Have custom content that you would like to serve to ARENA users? We offer commercial customers the ability to push custom programming to their clients. Contact sales to learn more.

Asset management

Our team of engineers is able to run diagnostics and troubleshoot software from anywhere in the world.


Tech to distribution

Our compact digital force generation module can be built into your line of commercial equipment, enabling a new generation of quantified and connected experiences. Contact sales to learn more.

Tech to infrastructure

Our compact digital force generation module can be built into floors, walls, racks, and other features of facilities. Save space and serve more clients. Contact sales to learn more.

Designed for
The Innovative Customer

  • Innovative: high-torque motorized resistance system and electronic feedback control
  • Durable: rugged bedliner overcoat and aircraft-grade exoskeloton
  • Versatile: portable, plyobox format fits in any training environment
  • Connected: transform training into engaging community experiences
  • High Quality: made in the USA and designed in Silicon Valley

Designed for
The Performance Customer

  • Professional Sports: used by teams and athletes in the MLB, NBA and NFL
  • Recovery: PT’s and trainers use ARENA to identify and train functional deficiencies
  • Compound training: train big muscle groups and small alike with precision control and tracking
  • Constant E-Resistance: resistance is constant at all speeds, activating more muscle fibers



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