ARENA Glossary

ARENA Platform

ARENA hardware, or the part you stand on, containing a battery powered motor and computer, which connects to your phone via bluetooth. The Platform houses the cable that connects to each attachment.

Ankle Strap

Padded cuff attachments used for unilateral exercises that often target the psoas, gluteus medius, adductors and abductors.


Hardware that connects to the ARENA cable using a carabiner. Attachments allow you to vary your grip and exercise modality when using ARENA


Amount of energy that you use during an ARENA workout


An ARENA mode that allows you to complete movements at your own discretion. This mode does not require a membership.


The amount of power generated during an ARENA workout, which is the average energy you expend. Too little rest (skipping the rest period) causes intensity to rise but also makes it hard to recover. Too much rest causes your intensity score to fall, making it hard to progress. Intensity is measured in watts.

The Lift

Daily ARENA standalone workout

Motorized Resistance

The battery powered technology that generates tension on the cable which adds and removes weight.


A series of detailed workouts and rest periods designed to last several weeks

Single Handle Grip

Padded nylon loop attachment designed for unilateral pressing and pulling

Squat Belt

Attachment that loops around your hips, enabling lower body movements without recruiting the upper body for support.

Straight Bar

Iron rod attachment commonly used for deadlifts and bilateral compound movements

Time Left

The amount of time left in each workout assuming no extra rest is taken and it takes a member 3 seconds to complete a single rep. Time left continues to tick down throughout the workout and will turn negative if it takes the member longer to complete the workout. Time left factors into members intensity score, the longer it takes to complete a workout the lower the intensity score will be.

Tricep Rope

Reinforced nylon attachment with dual grips for bilateral upper body exercises.


Work is the energy you expend lifting weights during your ARENA workout. It is calculated by multiplying the force you exert to lift the weight by the distance you move it. You build strength, endurance, and muscle by increasing your Work from workout to workout. Work is measured in joules.



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