December 04, 2023
ARENA x Cicero FD Charitable Foundation Partnership

We are excited to highlight our recent involvement with the...

October 24, 2023
Workout Builder - Our New Custom Workout Planner

It's official: our "Workout Builder and Editor” tool has, after...

October 01, 2023
8 Butt-Building Glute Exercises For Impressive Strength (& Shape Too!)

Glute exercises are incredibly popular these days. Is it because...

September 15, 2023
5 Advanced Back Workouts to Sculpt a Toned Back

Incorporate back workouts into your exercise regimen for strength, flexibility,...

September 01, 2023
ARENA Sponsors the 122-Mile Tony Hendra ALS Ride for Life

The entire ARENA team is proud to announce our sponsorship...

August 15, 2023
8 Tricep Workouts At Home To Build Strong, Toned Arms

Completing your tricep workouts at home can help build arm...

August 01, 2023
Benefits of Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise: Tips from My Journey

Lauren Wellinger: ARENA Head of Performance, NASM CPT, Mom

July 14, 2023
Types of Low Back Pain (LBP), Treatment & Prevention Tips!

Dr. Cory Keirn, DPT, OCS, CSCS

July 01, 2023
9 ACL Rehab Exercises for Better Recovery with ARENA

Let's face it: knee surgery is brutal. ACL rehab exercises...



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