Atlanta Hawks Ventures makes its debut investment into the ARENA Platform
ARENA Training Simplified

Strength training, evolved.

AI-enabled strength training. Motorized resistance. Accurate, real-time data.

Get stronger. Live healthier. Go ARENA.

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Train whenever, wherever, however.

The ARENA Platform & Go ARENA App give you the freedom to train anywhere. Get stronger wherever you want, whenever you want.

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Progress in as little as
ten minutes per day

Building strength requires consistent progressive training. With ARENA, we've made it easier than ever to hit your fitness goals.
Our powertrain eliminates momentum and provides constant resistance per rep. Work more, with less weight!

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See it in your space using Augmented Reality.

Smaller than a yoga mat. Replaces a gym full of weights.

Accurate data to
help your training.

The ARENA Platform measures your workouts in real-time with unprecedented precision and accuracy.

Every week, the Go ARENA App automatically calculates your Optimal Training Dose (OTD) based on previous performance data. Your OTD tells you how much work your muscles need to complete each week in order to see progress.

This weekly training goal aims to maximize performance gains with record time.

Train with purpose.

The Go ARENA App offers adaptive weekly training goals, advanced training features, pre-programmed workouts, and a number of strength programs written by experts.

The Workouts

The Daily LIFT: Every week,  seven completely new daily workouts are uploaded to the Go ARENA App. These workouts are divided into three (3) strength focused circuit-style workouts and three (3) HIIT-style workouts and (1) recovery workout.

Training Programs: The Go ARENA App has several 4-12 week strength programs developed by professional trainers. While some programs are designed for a sport or targeted purpose, like our Strength for Runners program, others are more general and designed to get you stronger, like the Beginner Strength program.

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ARENA’s pre-
programmed workouts make training easy.

The pre-workout summary screen displays an overview of each exercise before you start. The app auto fills the weight for each exercise based on your prior performance and allows you to update the weight before starting. After you complete the workout, the Go ARENA App will give you a comprehensive workout summary. We remember every weight and every repetition.


Skip the lines,
commute and logbook.

For those who love to lift, and don’t need or want guidance, Freestyle Mode is for you. Link, Set, and Lift in under 60 seconds.

In Freestyle, you can pick your exercise, change the weight instantly, and access advanced training modes like eccentric weight training.

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Find new moves with our exercise library.

Our Exercise Library has over 400 exercises that can be filtered by muscle group, attachment, or movement type. Use these exercises to program your next workout, or browse the list for inspiration.

Train with a friend, or a few.

Training is always better with friends. With the Go ARENA App, you can seamlessly switch between multiple profiles during your workout session.

Metrics & data.

The Go ARENA App tracks your strength data as you lift. The app tracks high-level performance metrics as well as detailed exercise-level data to help you monitor your progress.

Strength metrics

Work (kJ) measures the energy transfer produced by your muscles while lifting weights. The Work your muscles perform while lifting is calculated by multiplying the force you exert on the ARENA by the distance of the movement.

Intensity (W) measures how hard you worked during your workout. Intensity is your Work divided by the time it took you to complete it.

Detailed exercise metrics

For every exercise you do on ARENA, we track key metrics like weight, repetitions and velocity, creating a reliable and actionable Strength Report.

Get the support and the community to stay on track.

Community events, gear, and partnerships keep you motivated on your journey. Whether you are a novice or a professional athlete, we keep you moving forward.

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You get one body,
we help it live vibrantly.

Strength Training unlocks your potential. It boosts your immune health, bone density, confidence, longevity, and resilience.

ARENA empowers everyone to lift. We are dedicated to helping you get from point A to point B, wherever that journey starts.

The Arena solved all my strength training issues. Everything you need to use the machine is included, the workouts are pre-built, moves are demonstrated on the app, and I can easily adjust the weight in real time. The machine is sturdy, portable, and can be used anywhere. I can just turn on the machine, choose a workout, and go. It pairs perfectly with my cardio solution, and I can feel myself getting stronger after just a few weeks! My wife was a skeptic at first, but now she loves it too. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

Tim G.

“As an avid runner, I’ve always known that incorporating strength training into my routine would improve my endurance and prevent injuries. However, as a working mom, I struggled to find an easy, convenient, and effective strength training tool. I began using ARENA because it clearly tracks my strength gains over time and fits my busy schedule. I’ve found that the workouts have exceeded my expectations. With just a short workout, you really feel like you’re putting in the work. The resistance technology really makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of my time, and the progress tracking is clear.”

Stacy F.

“I mostly use ARENA for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength workouts, which provide me with an effective full-body workout without the hassle of weights. I’ve found ARENA more challenging and engaging than dumbbells, and I really appreciate the variety of exercises, short rest periods, and accountability the platform provides. I can’t stress enough how satisfied I am with ARENA, especially regarding its simplicity, effectiveness, and the personal touch of the company’s customer service.”

Dave C.

“I initially got the ARENA Platform to help me recover strength, mobility, and comfort in my leg after an ACL surgery. After 8 months of doing standard PT, I still lacked power and mobility in the leg. After switching up my rehabilitation regime and starting using ARENA 4-6 x per week, I saw great strides in regaining strength and mobility in my leg. I found ARENA to be a very safe and effective tool during my rehabilitation process and beyond. I owe having a full range of motion in my leg to the ARENA. Now that I am fully recovered I still use my ARENA to get stronger!”

Dario C.

“I have always found gyms and free weights to be daunting and needed a simple tool to get effective workouts in without much thought or setup. ARENA not only provided me with a compact and straightforward alternative but was instrumental in my journey to living a healthier lifestyle. After 30 days of using ARENA and improving my nutrition, I lost 4.6 pounds of body fat while gaining a bit of lean muscle.”

Jimmy G.



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