ARENA Training Simplified

Link, Set, Lift.

  • Tap to pair ARENA with your phone
  • Instantly set the weight from 10-200lbs
  • Track your reps, weight, work, and intensity
  • Or take a class that does it for you

The Lift

Train, don’t think. The Lift is a full body strength and cardio workout that changes everyday.

Follow the lift through your week for a complete and balanced program that never gets boring.

Workout Bank

Workout like a Pro. ARENA workouts are created with a purpose: get stronger, improve form, lose weight, support athletic development, or even get back from injury.

Designed by experts, for everyone.


Get going fast. We take “Link. Set. Lift.” seriously. Turn on your unit, pair, and start lifting.

The App tracks and logs your effort as you train. Never wait on a machine or dumbbells again.

Total Body Training

Get inspired by our 300+ movement exercise library.

No Unit? No problem!

Download the Go ARENA app for free, turn on demo mode and start exploring.

Data and Metrics

The ARENA Platform and App measures muscular effort with unprecedented accuracy:

  • Total weight lifted
  • Work (energy) in kilojoules
  • Intensity (power) in watts
  • Calories burned

Measure your progress with more than your mirror or your player stats.

ARENA Data Screen

Customer Reviews

5 stars Average 4.7 rating

sheila f1
July 20, 2022
5 stars Great for strength training!
Wanted to focus on strength training in my workouts and I am loving the arena. It really delivers in giving a great workout and takes up so little space - great addition for working out at home. I really like that I can easily adjust the weight levels during my workout. The App is easy to use, workouts are challenging and being able to go at my own pace rather than an instructors is a plus. Highly recommend.
July 20, 2022
5 stars Really Convenient
Great replacement for having to commute to the gym each morning. I can just turn it on and go, picking from one of their workouts or just building my own in freestyle mode. The app gives you a good overview of the exercises included in the workouts they suggest, with example videos and everything, but you can listen to your own music rather than have an instructor constantly speaking.
April 19, 2022
5 stars Top notch app + product
Love the arena app. Super user friendly and great interface. Best workout tool for the leader in mobile smart gym tech. Let's go!!
March 26, 2022
5 stars Great app
Just got my Arena and this app covers it all. Completely mobile gym in my home. Covers every exercise. I got this because I was looking for alternatives to some of the more expensive home gym products out there. The tech is amazing. Recommend for sure if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Peleton or others with no monthly subscription.



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