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Control the weight and range of motion on your phone with the click of a button. The App gives you access to 300+ exercises, and daily and on-demand workouts. Watch your metrics change in real time with each movement.

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Link, Set, Lift

Freestyle Mode

Freestyle mode allows you to design your workout as you go along. Set your desired weight using the ARENA app and start working out! The app will automatically track your weight, reps and rest allowing you to see your progress in real time.

Workout Bank

ARENA Instructor Classes

Each ARENA's workout is created for a reason. Whether it is to get you stronger, improve your form, or develop certain muscle groups checkout a variety of different workouts on the ARENA app that will help you improve your overall strength and reach your fitness goals.

ARENA app full body exercise
ARENA app the lift

The Lift

Power it up with a full body workout that changes everyday. The Lift is a combination of cardio and strength training to build muscle and stamina. This challenging and dynamic full-body workout will get your heart pounding and endorphins running!

Coming soon

Onboarding for
Basic Customization

Customize your workouts with a short onboarding assessment test. This assessment will help ARENA calculate your one rep maximum for a number of key exercises. This allows us to help you get the most out of your workout by recommending weights based on these one rep maximums.

ARENA app calibrate
ARENA app data

Metrics &
Performance Tracking

The ARENA App tracks the amount of weight, the number of reps, and the speed at which you lift, which means our technology knows how strong you are and how strong you can be. Our commitment to your health, strength, and fitness is visible in our measurable data. The ARENA dynamic intensity and Work scores will help you stay focused during your workout so that you get results. Track your daily, weekly, and monthly metrics and you will see your progress in the mirror.

Download the ARENA App, create an account and jump on an ARENA to start training.
Your data and preferences will go with you.

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Train smarter anywhere

Train Smarter, Anywhere.

ARENA brings advanced electric mobility technology to resistance training, instantly adding up to 200lbs to the complete mobile platform. Five turnkey attachments give you endless movements and grips in all planes of motion. At home, at work, or even on vacation, you can pull, push, squat and hinge all in one complete system. Advanced features and tension management allows the platform to recruit more muscle fibers making it more efficient than traditional weight training.

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