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The ARENA Platform

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The ARENA Platform
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Full Access to the Go ARENA App and Features

Weekly Training Goals to help you progress

ARENA captures key metrics: weight, reps, velocity, muscular effort & calories acting as your strength database

Efficient workouts, build muscle faster due to constant resistance

Compact and battery powered portability, use ARENA anywhere

Always PR- Instant weight adjustment by the pound

Eccentric Weight Mode unlocks a new type of strength training

Workout as a team- easy to use partner modes allow you to workout with friends

Access to ARENA Trainers

Dedicated Concierge Service

Access to ARENA’s hardware refresh

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Simple on the outside,
cutting-edge technology on the inside.

Lift up to 200 lb of isoinertial resistance with one portable device.

Data Rich
The ARENA Platform tracks your performance data in real time. For every rep ARENA records the weight, velocity, distance, and muscular effort with unprecedented accuracy. Unlock insights into your strength.
Novel Portable Design
The ARENA Platform contains a miniaturized powertrain and battery system inspired by high-performance electric cars. At roughly the size of a carry-on suitcase, the ARENA Platform goes where you go, without being tethered to a plug.
Efficient Workouts
Perform functional, highly effective compound moves while the motor inside provides constant resistance that can be controlled instantly via the Go ARENA app. ARENA gives you the most efficient workout your money can buy.
Long Battery Life
You help power your ARENA Platform. Our battery captures and recycles the energy you created. One charge of the ARENA Platform will last 30 days for most at-home users.

We take the thinking out of training.

Strength training is difficult to get right due to factors such as Time, Tempo, Repetitions, Weight, Sets, Speed, Form, and Equipment. We are committed to simplifying strength training so you can get results.

The Go ARENA App works with the ARENA Platform, giving you the equipment, guidance, and data needed to get stronger and live more vibrantly.

What should I do?

Whether you want to follow a pre-programed workout or lift on your own, the Go ARENA App has you covered.

The Daily Lift:
A dynamic full body weekly workout routine that alternates between pure strength and HIIT workouts. With the Lift seven new workouts are uploaded every Sunday.

Workout Programs:
4 to 12 week strength programs designed by top trainers with a specific goal in mind.

Freestyle Mode:
Allows you to control your programming and train the way you want without worrying about counting reps or loading weights.

How did I do?

Showing up is half the battle. The other half is consistent, quantified tracking of your performance. The Go ARENA App tracks and stores all of your performance data, from the type of workout to the total weight lifted. We measure every session, every push and pull of the cable, and every kilojoule of effort. We know how strong you are, and how to get you stronger.

What’s Next?

Every week the Go ARENA App calculates your weekly Optimal Training Dose (OTD) goal based on your personal strength data. Your OTD goal is designed to maximize your progress while minimizing the time you need to spend working out.

Everyone Needs a Coach Sometimes

When automated tracking just isn’t enough, or you don’t know if you’re doing the move right, ARENA trainers are here to help. Reach out to an ARENA trainer for advice, tips, or form correction questions. ARENA trainers will help you get the most out of your Platform.

Your concierge is also part of your team and will help you manage your billing, hardware logistics, set up, or any other concerns you might have.

Community Makes Winners

As part of the ARENA family, you are joining the worlds first decentralized gym. We are building digital and IRL communities for you to interact and support one another on their fitness journey.

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Reddit Group

Get your ARENA

Flexible payment options allow you to lease or own your ARENA.

Finance with Affirm Logo starting at $69/mo. Learn more


Finance with Affirm for $69/mo.


  • A brand new ARENA and accessory kit
  • Unlimited access to the Go ARENA app
  • Up to 5 different app accounts
  • Concierge services
  • Access to ARENA trainers

Finance price

For as low as


with 0% APR for 36 months
  • A brand new ARENA and accessory kit
  • Unlimited access to the Go ARENA app
  • Up to 5 different app accounts
  • Concierge services
  • Access to ARENA trainers


Save 10% with an annual plan!


  • The ARENA Platform* and accessories
  • Unlimited access to the Go ARENA app
  • Up to 5 different app accounts
  • Concierge services
  • Access to ARENA trainers
  • Hardware refresh**
  • 12-month minimum
Best value

Annual lease

Save 10% with the annual plan.


  • The ARENA Platform* and accessories
  • Unlimited access to the Go ARENA app
  • Up to 5 different app accounts
  • Concierge services
  • Access to ARENA trainers
  • Hardware refresh**

*Your leased ARENA may be a certified refurbished ARENA. Leasing an ARENA doesn't guarantee a new unit, however, if not new, it will be refurbished to 'like-new' condition.
**After 3 years (36 months) every leasee will qualify for a complimentary ARENA refresh.

20% off monthly lease for the first 12 months, 10% off purchase price for Health Care Workers, Military, First Responders, and Teachers with a valid ID.

Hero's Discount

A Solution for Everyone

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I am a selfless parent

I am a busy professional

I lift at my own pace

I love my own music

I love my own space

I am a weekend warrior

I have a small apartment

I don't know how to get started

I want to see measurable results

Why People Love ARENA

Hear from current ARENA customers and members

The Arena solved all my strength training issues. Everything you need to use the machine is included, the workouts are pre-built, moves are demonstrated on the app, and I can easily adjust the weight in real time. The machine is sturdy, portable, and can be used anywhere. I can just turn on the machine, choose a workout, and go. It pairs perfectly with my cardio solution, and I can feel myself getting stronger after just a few weeks! My wife was a skeptic at first, but now she loves it too. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

Tim G.

“As an avid runner, I’ve always known that incorporating strength training into my routine would improve my endurance and prevent injuries. However, as a working mom, I struggled to find an easy, convenient, and effective strength training tool. I began using ARENA because it clearly tracks my strength gains over time and fits my busy schedule. I’ve found that the workouts have exceeded my expectations. With just a short workout, you really feel like you’re putting in the work. The resistance technology really makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of my time, and the progress tracking is clear.”

Stacy F.

“I mostly use ARENA for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength workouts, which provide me with an effective full-body workout without the hassle of weights. I’ve found ARENA more challenging and engaging than dumbbells, and I really appreciate the variety of exercises, short rest periods, and accountability the platform provides. I can’t stress enough how satisfied I am with ARENA, especially regarding its simplicity, effectiveness, and the personal touch of the company’s customer service.”

Dave C.

“I initially got the ARENA Platform to help me recover strength, mobility, and comfort in my leg after an ACL surgery. After 8 months of doing standard PT, I still lacked power and mobility in the leg. After switching up my rehabilitation regime and starting using ARENA 4-6 x per week, I saw great strides in regaining strength and mobility in my leg. I found ARENA to be a very safe and effective tool during my rehabilitation process and beyond. I owe having a full range of motion in my leg to the ARENA. Now that I am fully recovered I still use my ARENA to get stronger!”

Dario C.

“I have always found gyms and free weights to be daunting and needed a simple tool to get effective workouts in without much thought or setup. ARENA not only provided me with a compact and straightforward alternative but was instrumental in my journey to living a healthier lifestyle. After 30 days of using ARENA and improving my nutrition, I lost 4.6 pounds of body fat while gaining a bit of lean muscle.”

Jimmy G.

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"You are fit if you can adapt to the demands of your environment with ease and imagination…"

Christopher McDougall,
Natural Born Heroes: Mastering the Lost
Secrets of Strength and Endurance



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