Atlanta Hawks Ventures makes its debut investment into the ARENA Platform

The ARENA Platform

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A New Era of Training

The ARENA platform gym provides up to 200 lbs of isoinertial resistance in one portable device. Take your at-home workouts to all new heights!

What you get:
  • 10-200lbs of constant motorized resistance
  • Real-time tracking of workouts in work(kJ), watts (W), weight (lbs) & calories (kcal)
  • Uses your personal workout trends to identify your optimal training dose–the amount you need to reach your goals!
  • Daily workout regimens designed by leading fitness professionals
  • Eccentric Mode: Variable weight resistance for eccentric/concentric muscle contractions for dynamic muscle activation
  • Easy setup (less than 10 minutes)
  • Download the Go ARENA app (free): iOS | Android
arena home gym with motorized resistance technology
the arena smart home gym platform
the arena straight bar accessory
the arena single handle grip accessory
the arena tricep rope accessory
the arena squat belt accessory
the arena ankle strap accessory
the arena phone stand accessory

Purchase or lease the ARENA platform gym.

Finance with Affirm Logo starting at $69/mo.  Learn more


Finance with Affirm for $69/mo.


  • A brand new ARENA and accessory kit
  • Unlimited access to the Go ARENA app
  • Up to 5 different app accounts
  • Concierge services
  • Access to ARENA trainers

Finance price

For as low as


with 0% APR for 36 months
  • A brand new ARENA and accessory kit
  • Unlimited access to the Go ARENA app
  • Up to 5 different app accounts
  • Concierge services
  • Access to ARENA trainers


Save 10% with an annual plan!


  • The ARENA Platform* and accessories
  • Unlimited access to the Go ARENA app
  • Up to 5 different app accounts
  • Concierge services
  • Access to ARENA trainers
  • Hardware refresh**
  • 12-month minimum
Best value

Annual lease

Save 10% with the annual plan.


  • The ARENA Platform* and accessories
  • Unlimited access to the Go ARENA app
  • Up to 5 different app accounts
  • Concierge services
  • Access to ARENA trainers
  • Hardware refresh**

*Your leased ARENA may be a certified refurbished ARENA. Leasing an ARENA doesn't guarantee a new unit, however, if not new, it will be refurbished to 'like-new' condition.
**After 3 years (36 months) every leasee will qualify for a complimentary ARENA refresh.

Starts your Fitness Journey

Every customer gets an ARENA platform & the following platform accessories.

What's included:
  • ARENA Platform
  • Up to 5 accounts on the Go ARENA App
  • Matte-black straight bar
  • Premium squat belt
  • Single-handle grip
  • 2x ankle straps
  • Tricep rope
  • Adjustable phone stand
ARENA Platform specs:
  • 36"x23.5"x9.5"
  • 55lbs

20% off the monthly lease for 1 year or 10% off purchase price for Health Care Workers, Military, First Responders, and Teachers with a valid ID.

Hero's discount

How it works

Step 1

Choose your payment option

Should I purchase or lease?

Whether you should purchase or lease your ARENA Platform depends on your preferences and financial situation. Both options present unique advantages.


  • You own your ARENAPlatform
  • You are guaranteed a new ARENA Platform
  • No monthly subscriptions or additional fees


  • You are leasing your ARENA Platform
  • You are not guaranteed a new ARENA Platform. However, you are guaranteed a new or like new ARENA Platform.
  • No upfront cost ($0 down payment)
  • Ability to return the ARENA Platform after 1 year (12 months)
  • Ability to refresh the hardware after 3 years
Step 2

Receive your ARENA Platform

What is included with my ARENA Home Gym?

Every ARENA Home Gym comes with an ARENA Platform, accessory kit, and unlimited access to the Go ARENA App (up to 5 accounts). With up to 5 accounts, share your ARENA Home Gym with your family and friends! Have them create accounts and start lifting with you.

Step 3


What workouts are available on the Go ARENA App?

ARENA workouts are designed to be efficient and effective! There are 4 main workout categories in the app.

The Daily Lift
A series of daily workouts that target different muscle groups each day, giving you a balanced workout regime. Every week,  seven completely new daily workouts are uploaded to the app. Workouts on The Lift are divided into three (3) strength focused circuit-style workouts, three (3) HIIT-style workouts and (1) recovery workout.

Workout Programs
4- 12 week programs developed by professional trainers. Each ARENA Program is designed for a sport, activity, or targeted purpose.

10 min Workouts
A series of 10 min workouts designed to be added on, stacked, or utilized when you’re short on time.

Freestyle Workout Mode
Allows you to lift however you want. If you are someone who likes to program your own workouts or if you are working out with a trainer, Freestyle Mode is perfect for you!

Step 4

Unlock Data and Insights

What workouts are available on the Go ARENA App?

ARENA tracks high level strength data as well as detailed exercise metrics. During every ARENA workout we measure your muscular output (exerted work), intensity, and calories. We also track weight, repetitions, sets, average velocity per rep, and range of motion for every exercise you do.

The Go ARENA App

Connects to and controls ARENA Platform.
Get workouts, advanced training features, real-time performance feedback, and accurate strength data.

The workouts

ARENA workouts are designed to be efficient and effective. The constant tension provided by the ARENA platform, paired with the focus on compound movements, engages more muscle fibers and burns more calories in less time.

Freestyle mode

Allows you to take control of your own training. In freestyle mode you can pick an exercise, instantly set your weight, keep track of sets and reps, set a virtual rack, and see performance metrics in real time.

Advanced training modes

The Go ARENA App enables new types of training. With features like Eccentric Weight Mode and Partner Training Mode you can both train like an elite athlete and make it fun by lifting with some friends.

Data and metrics

The Go ARENA App connects to your ARENA. The App not only controls the platform’s resistance but is also fed important data from the ARENA including the velocity and distance of each rep. This provides you with accurate strength data, a detailed post-workout summary (weight, reps, sets, and average velocity), your true muscular effort (kJ), and your intensity (W).


The Go ARENA app delivers weekly personalized output goals based on your unique performance data.

Optimal Training Dose

Every week the Go ARENA App delivers you an Optimal Training Dose. ARENA’s Optimal Training Dose is the least amount of work you need to complete each week in order to maximize gains and minimize the risk of injury due to over training. ARENA calculates your Optimal Training Dose using your performance data and an algorithm based on the most recent strength training research.

ARENA Trainer

When you need a bit more guidance beyond your weekly training goal, you have access to an ARENA trainer. ARENA trainers are available to help provide modifications where necessary, give form corrections and/or tips, answer your general training related questions, and help you understand and best utilize the ARENA data.



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