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The Value of ARENA

April 06, 2022

Leo Maurer & Akshat Biyani

The Value of ARENA

Almost all frequent gym-goers have at some point experienced disruption in their weekly routine. This can adversely affect your stamina and muscle recovery and, in some cases, even end up causing physical ailments. Simply put, the key to a good workout regimen is consistency. But, how do you ensure that while being away on a business trip or with family?

Just because there isn’t a gym nearby doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout.

With ARENA, you can take your gym with you wherever you go.

What is ARENA?

Equipped with over 300 exercises, ARENA brings to you the next big revolution in the world of fitness… all packed in a platform, the size of a suitcase. It has been designed by a team of engineers and experts who have worked with Olympic medalists, NFL, NBA, and MLB players across the country. This means that the package is ideal for everyone, from people looking for a light but regular workout to professionals with intense fitness regimens.

Despite the fact that this portable gym offers adjustable resistance of up to 200lbs, the platform itself weighs just 55lbs. The resistances can be adjusted through the Go Arena mobile app with only a few taps, cutting out the need to manually adjust plates or free weights. This eliminates the hassle of physically adjusting gym equipment and allows for an efficient workout at home, at the gym, or on-the-go. This advanced robotic system is specially designed to enhance physical performance. ARENA features:

  • High torque motor technology: generates resistance perfect for an expert athlete or a fitness newbie
  • A regenerative battery system: get out of the house with a truly portable replacement for the gym
  • Adaptive force generation: constant resistance through each repetition recruits more muscle fibers than traditional weights
  • Advanced metrics: effortlessly optimize training progress with measurable results
  • Ruggedized shell: made to take on your toughest workouts
  • Mobile device connection: instantly change the weight, track metrics, count reps, and take classes from your phone or tablet

The ARENA includes additional accessories that allow for movement in all directions, enabling the user to do various workouts like deadlifts, bicep curls, squats, etc. It also has an extremely durable exoskeleton that has been designed to take the brunt of your most brutal workouts.

As of now, ARENA comes equipped with six accessories:

  • Straight bar
  • Single Handle
  • Ankle Strap
  • Tricep Rope
  • Squat Belt
  • Phone Stand

Scientifically designed to deliver better workouts

ARENA offers a wide range of features and tension management that engages more muscle fibers and ensures a more efficient workout than regular weight training in concentric and eccentric mvoements.

Concentric movement exercises work by increasing the tension in the muscle fibers as they contract. Some common concentric workouts are bicep curls, hamstring curls, standing up from a squat or a deadlift, etc.

Eccentric movement exercises build muscles by lengthening the muscle fibers while returning the weight to its initial position. Some examples include lowering the barbell during a deadlift, lowering yourself from a pull-up bar, etc.

The fundamental principle of muscle building is that muscles need to be damaged to grow. Contracting muscle fibers causes microtears that the body then rebuilds with increased strength. This is where ARENA performs better than traditional gyms. It harnesses the power of concentric and eccentric contractions, recruiting more muscle fibers, and building stronger muscles faster than with free weights.

The Go Arena Mobile App

You can control the weight and the range of motion of ARENA through the free Go Arena app on your phone. This gives you access to the exercise library along with on-demand and daily workouts. The app also measures metrics in real-time as you exercise.

Advanced performance metrics technology will accurately track the weight, reps, and speed at which you lift, allowing the app to understand your current strength and how much stronger you can be. This data helps us track some vital statistics about your health and fitness and will ultimately enable you to gain a better insight into your workout so that your effort in your workouts translates into real changes in your body.

You can use the freestyle mode that allows you to customize your workout. Just set a specific weight, and the Go Arena app will automatically start tracking your reps, weight, and rest time to analyze your progress while you work out.

The app also grants you free access to pre-programmed ARENA Workouts and The Lift,  ARENA’s trademarked daily workout guaranteed to get your heart pounding and your endorphins running. The Lift is a dynamic workout on the Go Arena App that combines cardio and strength training to optimize muscle performance and increase stamina. Generated by intelligent algorithms, the Lift gives you a unique workout every day of the week.

ARENA Workouts range from the beginner to advanced levels and everything in between. Beginner and demo classes teach the basics, like developing muscle resistance, and getting accustomed to the ARENA platform and attachments. Advanced workouts feature compound movements and high-intensity workout training to help you develop certain muscle groups and hone core strength. These workouts are specially designed to help you improve physical performance and maintain consistency in physical output.

One charge for a whole month

Unlike its competitors, you only need to charge ARENA once to last you for an entire month worth of workouts. It uses the innovative regenerative e-braking technology that is also used by electric automobile manufacturers like Tesla. This makes ARENA both economically and environmentally conscious and allows you to enjoy regular workouts without charging it.

Pricing vs. competitors

We know how annoying it is to pay the monthly subscription charges to use a machine you already paid a lot for; ARENA was designed with this in mind. Other than the initial purchase cost, ARENA doesn’t charge its customers any monthly membership cost. Simply pay upon purchase, and use it for life. If you are among those who think the monthly subscription cost of $39 or $49 isn’t much, let’s run you through the numbers. Paying an initial $2,995 for equipment plus $49 each month totals up to $4,759 in three years. That’s a massive $1,760 more than what ARENA would cost you.

ARENA’s goal is to give you a product value beyond its worth. With advanced robotics, access to data that quantifies strength training, attachments that allow for movement in every plane of motion, and a free app, the value is inarguable.

–Leo Maurer & Akshat Biyani
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