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8 Tricep Workouts At Home To Build Strong, Toned Arms

August 15, 2023

triceps workouts at home

Completing your tricep workouts at home can help build arm strength and even tone without heavy weights or advanced dumbbell systems.

Most people who are curious about strengthening, toning or increasing the size of their arms generally focus on their biceps and shoulders, and the triceps often go overlooked.

As it pertains to functional strength, this is a crucial oversight!

The tricep works in opposition to the bicep and its primary function is to extend the elbow joint. This means that when you hold something, push something or pull something you’re using your triceps.

So how do we strengthen these muscles and perform upper body functions with ease?

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How do the triceps brachii muscles work?

Firstly, let's cover the anatomy of the triceps muscle. How is it built, and how does it help me lift heavy stuff?

The triceps brachii muscle (musculus triceps brachii) is the sole major muscle at the back of the arm, and expands nearly the entire length of the humerus.

triceps brachii muscle diagram

Ensuring that your tricep workouts are equally distributed amongst the three heads can help to prevent injury and maintain stability.

This crucial arm muscle is composed of the long (red), lateral (yellow) and medial (green) heads. These muscles originate at the scapula and humerus, and attach via the common triceps tendon to the olecranon process of the ulna.

The triceps brachii muscle group's concentric motion extends the elbow joint. It also stabilizes this joint by preventing it from overextension. The tricep muscle's eccentric motion pulls the forearm towards the upper arm. 

Lastly, the triceps brachii muscle is crucial to abduction and adduction of the arm at the shoulder, given its lateral head has its origination point at the scapula. 

When considering tricep workouts, it's important to choose exercises that target all three heads of the triceps brachii to minimize your chances of injury!

arena home gym for triceps workouts

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Our list of triceps workouts can be performed with an ARENA or with a set of dumbbells. You'd be wise to focus on ensuring proper form and maintaining full control during both concentric and eccentric repetitions.

When performed correctly, a tricep exercise is essential to building strength and muscle definition that will serve you for years to come.

Here are our top 8 advanced at-home tricep exercises for people looking to build muscles dramatically.

Tricep kickbacks

This tricep workout incorporates only a single hand and arm at a time!

To perform a tricep kickback repetition correctly, hinge at the hip, keep the upper arm close to your body, and press the handle toward the back of the room.

Standing overhead tricep extensions

This is a two-handed tricep exercise that can be performed with either a straight bar or a tricep rope. Double the fun, right?

To perform standing overhead tricep extensions correctly, make sure your pelvis stays tucked and your spine stays neutral. Incorporate a soft bend at the knees.

Your elbows should stay next to your ears, and the attachment or dumbbell will press straight up to the ceiling.

Seated single-arm tricep extensions

The single arm variant of this tricep extension can be performed with the single handle, or with a tricep rope. Some people prefer to sit for this exercise because it can allow you to isolate your upper body even more.

This tricep extension exercise is perfect for targeting the long, lateral, and medial heads of the muscle. With lighter weights, you can test slightly orienting your elbow inwards or outwards to put more stress on the lateral and long heads of the triceps brachii.

Balance and weight management are key!

Seated double-arm tricep extensions

The double-armed variant of the previous tricep extension may also be most easily managed by performing the repetitions while sitting down.

Some users also find that attachments are easier to manage in seated exercises. 

Same form tips as above apply for the double arm triceps as applied to the single arm tricep extensions.

Tricep dips

Tricep dips are performed using your bodyweight, and there is a smaller range of motion than what could be achieved with other weighted instruments.

This makes it a great tricep exercise for beginners.

To perform tricep dips correctly, lower yourself into a sitting position with your back facing the raised surface, and push yourself up with your arms.

Remember to keep your elbows close to your body, to keep your chest proud and shoulders back!

Diamond pushups

If you've never performed diamond pushups before, then you're in for a treat. These are one of the most difficult pushup variations because they place almost all of your bodyweight on your triceps.

To do them correctly, your forefingers and thumbs should touch, forming a diamond shape. Your elbows should stay close to your rib cage.

Keep your spine neutral, and your glutes activated.

Pushup pulses

This is another bodyweight pushup variant that puts a bit of extra focus on your triceps per repetition.

The 'pulse' is the second dip after your performed the first half of the pushup. It's almost like a pushup and a half!

If this is too difficult, all pushup variations can also be modified by coming down onto your knees.

Compound row to tricep kickbacks

Ready to take your at-home tricep exercises up a notch? Try this on for size!

This compound exercise engages the triceps, lats and the upper back. It is best performed with a single handle attachment.

To perform it correctly, hinge at the hip, and row up into your waist. Keep your arm up and close to your body, and press the handle toward the back of the room!

Were there any at-home tricep exercises we missed that you love? Shoot us a note on our Instagram, and let us know what you think!

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