Data and Training

Work (kJ) measures the mechanical energy transfer produced by your muscles. We calculate Work by multiplying the number of repetitions performed by the amount of resistance (or weight) used. The ARENA Platform captures the amount of Work your muscle completed during your workouts and displays them in the following places in your Go Arena App.

  • Freestyle Mode: In Freestyle Mode you can watch your work increase rep-for-rep throughout your workout. The more resistance you use during your workout, the faster your work will increase throughout your session.
  • Post Workout Summary Screen / Workout History: After you complete a workout on the ARENA Platform, your Go Arena App will calculate and display your total Work on the post-workout summary screen.
  • Weekly Optimal Training Dose (OTD): Your Weekly OTD goal is calculated based on the total Work your muscle completed on the ARENA Platform in your prior workouts. You build strength, endurance, and muscle by increasing your Work every week.

Intensity (W) refers to the amount of energy you expend when exercising. Intensity is a  measure of how hard you worked during your workout. Varying the Intensity of your workouts is important for effective training and will help avoid plateauing. The ARENA Platform automatically analyzes data from your workout and calculates your Intensity level. This information can be found on the Go ARENA App and is color-coded (based on Intensity level) in the Strength Report. See below for what the colors mean about your training.



The Pre-Workout Summary screen in the Go Arena App automatically populates the resistance used in previously completed exercises. The Go Arena App adjusts and progresses your resistence over time to ensure that you hit your weekly OTD Goal.

The Post-Workout Summary screen gives you a performance summary for the workout you just completed. The Post-Workout Summary displays high-level workout metrics like Total Work, Intensity, Active Calories, and Time. In addition, you can also access detailed strength metrics for each exercise movement you performed, including the number of reps, resistance, and average velocity of your movements.



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