Intensity refers to the amount of energy you expend when exercising and is measured in watts [W].

Your workout intensity depends on a number of factors, including the amount of resistance used, the length of your training, the amount of rest,  the number of repetitions, etc.

For example, walking at a comfortable pace on the treadmill will likely result in lower intensity, compared to sprinting with a 20lb vest on. Similarly, performing a workout on the ARENA Platform with heavy resistance and short rest periods will yield a higher intensity than a similar workout with lower resistance and longer rest periods

Varying the intensity of your workouts is important for effective training. While,  there are numerous benefits to incorporating high-intensity training, including building muscle, increasing endurance, strengthening your cardiovascular system, burning fat, etc., incorporating low-intensity workouts gives your muscles time to recover and rebuild.

The ARENA Platform analyzes data from your workout and calculates your intensity level. This information can be found on the Go ARENA App in the Strength Report. Intensity levels in the Strength Report are measures based on your prior intensity scores and color-coded based on the intensity level.




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