Work refers to the amount of energy transferred when a force is exerted on an object, causing it to move a certain distance. Work is measured using “joules.” You calculate work by multiplying the applied force by the distance covered. For example, if you push a sled with a force of 10 newtons (N) for a distance of 2 meters (m), then you have performed 20 joules of work (10 N x 2 m = 20 J).

In the context of strength training, work is used to measure the mechanical energy transfer produced by your muscles, and is calculated by multiplying the number of repetitions performed by the amount of resistance (or weight) used.

Trying to calculate the amount of work generated by your muscles is not an exact science. That is because it is difficult to calculate external forces, such as momentum or gravity, and how they impact the weight on the muscles. For example, think of that person at the gym standing in front of the mirror and using his entire body to do bicep curls. While he/she may be using a heavy dumbbell, they are using their body’s momentum to move the weight. The result is less work being performed by their bicep.

The ARENA Platform brings accuracy to measuring muscular work in two ways. First, the ARENA Platform eliminates the ability to use momentum. When you perform a movement on the  ARENA Platform, the motor creates  “isointertial force” - constant resistance throughout the range of motion of your movement. By eliminating your ability to use momentum, the ARENA Platform is helping maximize the work performed by your muscles.  Second, the ARENA Platform digitally measures the distance of your movement. The motor tracks the starting, middle, and ending position of your movement. The force you exert on the ARENA Platform and the distance of the movement is then reported to the Go ARENA App and reflected as your true work, not an approximation.

You build strength, endurance, and muscle by increasing your Work week over week.



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