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This Compact Home Gym Is Perfect For Small Spaces

May 15, 2023

The ARENA Team

arena compact home gym platform

We get it - living in small spaces can be tough. A compact home gym is absolute 'must' if you live in a small apartment in a big city.

arena compact home gym in living room

Trust me, our team knows the struggle firsthand.

The majority of our team lives and works out of New York City and San Francisco–two cities notorious for their comically small living spaces.

Having enough space for a compact home gym is pretty critical for working out consistently enough to actually see progress towards achieving your fitness goals.

When gyms closed during the pandemic, some folks had the luxury of having larger spaces and were able to recreate the gym experience in their homes. Meanwhile, those of us with smaller spaces were somewhat limited by what we could fit into our apartments or small homes.

As life began to open up again, so did gyms. Many people reverted (or were compelled) back to their pre-pandemic routines:

  • Wake up
  • Get ready
  • Commute to the office
  • Work
  • Head to the gym
  • Come home
  • Eat dinner
  • Sleep
  • ...and repeat!

Ruthless, right?

However, others chose to embrace the new way of life that developed in the post-pandemic world, where life, work and fitness are now centered around the home.

Table of Contents:

Why kettlebells don't cut it

When it comes to strength training solutions for small spaces, there are certainly a decent amount of options to look into. On one hand, you can go analog and opt for resistance bands, free weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, and so on!

On the other hand, you can go digital and invest in a connected fitness device!

While each of these solutions can get you stronger, they also come with some limitations.

While bands, kettlebells, and dumbbells are classic, you would need to invest in multiple sets to see progress and make them worthwhile. Otherwise, how else will you progressively strength train?

Connected fitness devices can be more effective, but they are susceptible to the common pitfalls all other exercise equipment sets are prone to:

  • Bulky
  • Unsightly
  • Expensive
  • Confusing to use an set up
  • Require a long-term commitment
  • In limited cases, need to be bolted to your wall.

There must be a better way to combine the aesthetics, effectiveness and size an optimal home gym, right?

What is the ARENA platform, anyways?

The ARENA fitness platform is the world’s first robotic-driven, strength training device. Think of the ARENA fitness platform as a cross between a cable machine and a full dumbbell rack.

arena platform

The ARENA fitness platform's internal drivetrain delivers up to 200lbs in a unit that is both compact and portable. You can effortlessly adjust the resistance to a single pound, giving you the flexibility to take your training to the next level.  

It was designed to make strength training accessible and measurable for everyone by carefully considering the compact fitness needs of big city living.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a few other reasons why we believe ARENA Fitness Platform is the perfect solution for your small home gym needs.

Perfectly sized for small spaces

The ARENA fitness platform's compact design fits perfectly even in the smallest of apartments, so you can save space for other important things in your home.

This is especially important for those who have limited space to dedicate to a home gym and need an all-in-one home gym solution that’s just small enough. In fact, the ARENA platform weighs roughly 55 pounds, and is smaller than the standard yoga mat.

the arena shown at home
The ARENA is a compact home gym unit that can fit anywhere–even at the edge of your bed.

You can use your ARENA practically anywhere, too!

While most ARENA exercises are performed standing on the platform itself, there are a few that require only a few additional feet around your ARENA platform. 

This means your living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, balcony and even your bathroom can become your new home gym to easily crank out workouts!

If you’re interested in seeing exactly how the ARENA Fitness Platform will fit in your new small home gym, you can try out our AR feature and see for yourself.

view the arena platform in your space with ar

It's easy to store

The ARENA fitness platform’s size and design allows for easy storage. When you’re finished working out on your ARENA, you can easily store it away in a closet or under your bed!

Not only does this help save space, but you also don’t have to sacrifice your wall with a clunky device in the process! 

You'll be able to enjoy the benefits of a full workout without sacrificing your valuable living space.

Its portability is a huge plus

Unlike other connected fitness devices, the ARENA is very portable!

It runs on a rechargeable battery that can last up to three to four weeks on a single three-hour charge. This gives you the flexibility to move your workout wherever you feel comfortable.

If you're feeling cramped inside, it can be easily taken into the sun–so you catch some rays while catching a sweat!

Get adventurous with it! Tag us on Instagram at @go.arena to show us where you take your ARENA. 

You'll never have to miss another workout again!

Its versatility is unmatched by its competitors

Getting stronger requires consistency and incremental change. This means maintaining a regular workout schedule, gradually progressing the weight you're lifting, and sticking to a well-structured program is the only way to see results.

The challenge with small spaces is that you often don't have the space (or funds) to access enough weight to make progress. While you can do a lot with a set of 25 lb dumbbells, you will likely hit a plateau if you want to get stronger and see real progress.

Fortunately, the ARENA is a complete compact home gym offering, and offers omnidirectional resistance to match the versatile workout needs you need. You can avoid the dumbbells altogether by incrementally changing the weight of resistance at the touch of a button on the Go ARENA app.

With ARENA's compact home gym, you'll also be armed with a vast exercise library with more variety in pre-programmed lifts than your local supermarket's cereal aisle.

You’ can perform several types of squats, bent over rows, deadlifts, and curls, among other exercises, without taking significant needs from a space perspective.

With hundreds of exercises and workouts to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless!

Love HIIT? ARENA has your back.

Chest, glutes & hamstrings? No problem.

Are you going to be a parent soon? Are you a new parent? ARENA comes equipped with prenatal and postnatal strength training programs that anyone can find useful for staying in shape through this most spectacular time.

Our 10 minute workout options allow you to squeeze in a sweat during nap time or between meetings. The goal is to make sure you achieve your Optimal Training Dose each week to ensure that the time you put in leads to seeing real results.

To start exploring ARENA's exercise library, workouts, and programs, download the Go ARENA App.

See for yourself how seamlessly ARENA's compact home gym can fit into your life!

It's durability is unparalleled in home fitness

ARENA’s fitness platform is built to last. Seriously, this thing is so tough that it survives the maximum G-Force suitable for humans at 75 Gs.

The platform’s frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum while the coating is crafted with high-strength polyurethane liner used in military trucks. We used these high quality materials and focused on durable construction to ensure that each ARENA platform will withstand even the toughest workouts, so you can depend on it to keep you in shape for many years to come!

We're proud of the American engineering and manufacturing that brought the ARENA platform to life, and has even secured funding from the venture arms of athletic organizations.

Here are some helpful tips for taking care of your home gym platform and accessories.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Last but not least, the ARENA does not require any assembly or installation (a plus if you are a renter or have limited wall space). There are no large, built-in screens either, and you don’t need to stream content from your TV or laptop.

All you need is the ARENA and your smartphone or tablet to get started!

From the moment you unbox your platform and accessories, it only takes a moment to sync it to Bluetooth and begin.

The instructions on how to link and set your platform are laid out in an easy-to-follow guide to make it easy on our customers.

It is incredibly easy to get right into your next workout. Turn it on, open the app, and get to work.

You’re ready to break a sweat from your home gym. 

Let us know if you have any questions!
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