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What are the advanced training features?

May 30, 2023

Adjustable Weight Mode: When enabled, allows you to easily change the resistance at any point during your workout or rep. 

Partner Training: Allows you to toggle between multiple ARENA profiles during a single workout session. When using this feature, the Go ARENA App knows who is working out and what they are doing. This allows your performance data to follow you! For more on this feature visit our support center

Virtual Rack: Allows you to easily adjust where the resistance begins. Think of this feature as your virtual spotter arms. To learn more about the Virtual Rack visit our support center 

Eccentric Weight Training: When enabled, allows you to incorporate eccentric overloading into your training. This feature lets you select an exercise and enter your desired concentric and eccentric weights! For more on this feature check out our Eccentric Weight Mode Blog.
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