Virtual Rack

What is the Virtual Rack?

Virtual Rack (V) allows you to set the floor, or bottom, of your exercise movement, telling the ARENA Platform where the resistance should begin. Think of changing the Virtual Rack like changing the position of spotter arms on a squat rack; once you set the position you will feel resistance above that point but will feel little to no resistance below it.

Why did we create a Virtual Rack?

Good form is the most important thing when lifting heavy weights! Without proper form you can not get stronger in a safe way. We developed the Virtual Rack to allow you to safely perform exercises that have an elevated starting position (tricep extensions or front squats) and exercises that test your range of motion (deadlifts or RDLs). Setting the virtual rack enables you to set up an exercise before load is applied and removes resistance before the end of your range of motion.

How to set my Virtual Rack?

Tap the (V) button on your workout screen to engage the Virtual Rack. Next, move the attachment to where the bottom of the exercise is for you (or even 1 inch below where you think the bottom is). Once you have moved the attachment to the desired position, tap the Save Position button.

Note: Once you set your Virtual Rack position, you should feel minimal resistance between the position where you set your Virtual Rack and the base of the ARENA Platform. You will feel resistance above the Virtual Rack position.



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