The wait is over! Your ARENA Platform has arrived! Now it's time to unbox your ARENA Platform and get lifting. Getting started is easy. We'll guide you through the unboxing process step-by-step. Here's what you need to know:

Note that your ARENA Platform and Accessories Kit will arrive in two (2) separate packages.

In order to protect your ARENA Platform during the shipping, we encase the box containing your ARENA Platform with wooden bumpers. Simply cut the straps keeping the ARENA Platform inside the wooden bumpers, and lift the wooden bumpers off the ARENA Platform. Next, lift the cardboard top to reveal your new ARENA Platform inside. Remove your ARENA Platform from its box and remove the plastic wrapping. Finally, power your ARENA Platform ON by flipping the switch up so that the straight line is pressed in, attach an accessory to the carabiner, connect to the Go ARENA App, and start training!

Do NOT pull on the carabiner while your ARENA Platform is OFF, as this may damage the ARENA Platform.

What do I do with the Boxes and Wooden Bumpers?

We recommend that you do at least one (1) workout on the ARENA Platform before recycling the boxes and wooden bumpers. While we do everything we can to protect your ARENA Platform throughout the shipping process, sometimes they get dropped and damaged. If you notice any damage to your ARENA Platform, please contact us at immediately at contact@goarena.co.



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