Update your profile, add partners, and workout preferences.


This is where you can upload a profile photo, set your height and weight, sign out, and add workout partners.

To add a workout partner tap the people icon on the top right and enter the login credentials of the person you would like to add. Once they are added, you will see their profile as a drop-down option when switching accounts during a freestyle workout.

To sign out of the Go ARENA App, tap the 3 dots on the top right

Weight Modes

Allow you to enable Demo Mode or Adjustable Weight Mode.

Demo Mode: Allows you to explore the Go ARENA App without connecting to an ARENA Platform. When Demo Mode is on, a black banner will appear on every app screen, indicating you are on Demo Mode.

Active Adjustment Weight Mode: When on, allows you to change the weight at any time (without returning the cable to the platform). This is helpful when using accessories like the hip belt or training with a personal trainer or coach. When Adjustable Weight Mode is on, a yellow bar will appear under your ARENA icon in the top right corner of your app.


This lets you control the volume of the audio cues (voice and beeps) you hear during a pre-programmed workout.

My Devices

My Devices shows you a list of the ARENA Platforms you have connected with. Tap on an ARENA Platform to rename it or to forget it.



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