The Strength Report

Effectively hitting your training goals involves more than just working out and proper nutrition. It also requires that you track your progress. By tracking your workouts, you are more likely to reach and surpass your training goals, be more efficient with your workouts, and effectively modify your training. Tracking can also serve as a powerful motivator, help keep you focused and create more accountability.

There are a number of ways to track your fitness - ranging from apps to a good old-fashioned marble composition notebook. No matter which option you choose, there is still a manual element to track - you have to write down or enter your weight, reps, etc.

With the ARENA, you get access to your personal Strength Report - a fitness tracker and journal of weekly training goals, workout histories, intensity scores, and more built directly into your Go ARENA App. The Strength Report automatically tracks each workout you perform with the ARENA Platform, so you can focus on your training.

You can access the Strength Report by navigating to Report in the Go ARENA App. Your Strength Report is divided into three parts:

  1. Optimal Training Dose
  2. Active Calories Burned
  3. Workout History.

Optimal Training Dose

Your Weekly Optimal Training Dose is designed to help you progress and build muscle, getting you stronger without overtraining.  Each week, the Go ARENA App calculates your weekly Optimal Training Dose based on your performance during the prior week.

To learn more about  Optimal Training Dose, check out our OTD article.

Active Calories Burned

Active Calories Burned is an estimate of the calories you burn through while exercising. Tracking active calorie burned can help you manage activity levels, calorie intake, and the need for recovery. The Go ARENA App automatically calculates active calories burned by using your gender, height and weight, as well as data collected from the ARENA Platform.

Workout History

Your Workout History tracks all of your previously completed workouts. Each workout is color-coded based on your volume and intensity. Workouts in light gray represents a low-intensity workout.  Yellow represents  a max-intensity workout.



Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner of your workout in order to see a summary of that workout (exercise name, reps, and weight).



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