LED Light Guide

The ARENA logo on the ARENA Platform will display different color lights, indicating the status of the platform.

White: The ARENA Platform is ON(I). If you are charging your ARENA while it’s ON(I), the light will remain WHITE regardless of the battery level.

Green: The ARENA Platform is OFF(O), and is plugged into an outlet and charging.

Blue: The ARENA Platform is OFF(O), plugged into a power outlet, and fully charged. The BLUE light will turn off within 5 minutes of the ARENA Platform reaching full charge.

Yellow: The ARENA Platform has under 30% battery and needs to be charged as soon as possible.

Red: The ARENA Platform has under 5% battery and will power down within 5 minutes, depending on load and intensity.

Flashing Red: There is an error with the ARENA Platform, and/or there is a mandatory firmware update. If this occurs or you see the indicator lights turn RED after you have powered on, contact us at contact@goarena.co for further assistance.



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