Proper form on the ARENA

The ARENA Platform is shaped like a trapezoid, with two long sides and two short sides. This means that for some exercises there is a “best practice” for where to stand in relation to the platform in order to perform the exercise correctly. 

For some exercises, like straight bar curls, squats, deadlifts, and bent-over rows, you should stand directly on top of the platform with both feet firmly planted and the cable port centered beneath you. This position should serve as your default position.

Seated exercises, like the seated row, or any exercise where the cable is being pulled parallel or almost parallel to the ground, should be performed off of the short end of the platform for the same reason. For the seated row, ensure that your feet are pressed into the short end of the platform. 

Lateral movements like lateral lunges and rotational presses should be done off of the short side of the platform so that the cable is pulled against the rollers, seen on the inside of the cable port. 

For other movements, like front foot elevated split squats or reverse lunges, one foot should stay on the platform while the other is on the floor off of the back of the platform. Here, Brooke is stepping off of the long side of the platform, but stepping off of the short side of the platform will increase your range of motion.

Split stance, kickstand or staggered stance exercises can be done facing any direction that feels comfortable, but we recommend facing the short end of the platform to give you ample room. 

For Suitcase or “Same side” exercises, the handle should be held directly next to a stationary leg.

Contralateral exercises require that the attachment be held in the hand opposite to a stationary leg.

During any exercise where the single handle is being pulled on one side of the body, keep the cable port on the same side of your body as the attachment. For example, if you’re performing a right-arm lateral raise, the cable port should remain on the outside of your right foot. 

Additionally, for any exercise that requires a front rack hold or a single arm press, keep the attachment against the back of your hand and the cable against your neutral wrist. For a shoulder or overhead press, you may choose to have the cable centered on your body or to the outside of the pressing arm. 

If you are still not sure if you are standing in the right spot or doing an exercise correctly, check out our ARENA’s For Correction Guide, our How-to: Platform Orientation & Where to Stand, or take a quick video of yourself doing that exercise and send it to your ARENA trainer for review.



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