The Daily Lift

The Lift changes every week and targets different muscle groups each day, giving you an effective, efficient, and balanced workout. Every week,  seven completely new daily workouts are uploaded to the Go ARENA App. Workouts on The Lift are divided into three (3) strength focuses circuit-style workouts and three (3) HIIT-style workouts. You can learn more about each days’ workout by tapping the thumbnail and reviewing the pre-workout summary screen. If you want to keep one of The Lift workouts make sure to save it to your Saved Workouts folder so that it doesn't disappear the following week. Click here for more about Saved Workouts.

Can I follow the weekly Lift as a workout regime?

Yes. The Lift is designed to be a balanced workout regime that includes upper body, lower body, core, and HIIT. It is structured to build both muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. You can utilize The Lift as your daily fitness routine or use the workouts to supplement your existing training regime.



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