Weight Modes

Demo Mode: Demo Mode allows you to explore the Go ARENA App without connecting to an ARENA Platform. You will see a black banner appear on every screen Go ARENA App indicating you are on Demo Mode.

Standard Weight Mode: This is our default weight mode. In this weight mode, you have to return the cable to the home position (back to the Arena Platform or below your Virtual Rack) if you want to change the resistance.

Adjustable Weight Mode: Adjustable Mode allows you to adjust the resistance on your ARENA Platform without having to return the cable to the platform. This feature is very helpful when using accessories like the hip belt or when training with a personal trainer or coach.  Once Adjustable Mode is engaged, a yellow bar will appear under the ARENA icon found in the top right corner of the Go ARENA App.

Note: If you do not turn on Adjustable Weight Mode, you will need to lower the cable to the base of the ARENA Platform before you can adjust the resistance.

Eccentric Weight Mode: Allows you to experience eccentric overload instantly and measure progress immediately. With this feature, users can set the concentric weight and the eccentric weight separately in the Go ARENA App. When lifting in Eccentric Mode the weight changes automatically at the beginning of the eccentric phase, or as the cable is lowered toward the platform or the home position, and again and the beginning of the concentric phase, or as the cable is lifted up away from the home position.



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